2015 Public Consultation on the updated GSSI Global Benchmark Tool

The second public consultation on the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative's Benchmark Tool lasted from 21 April to 05 June 2015. GSSI says thank you to everyone who participated and supported us with their submissions in the second update of the tool. Comments from the second public consultation, together with lessons from the pilot, informed Version 1 of the GSSI Global Benchmark Tool which was be launched on 8 October 2015 at the 20th anniversary celebrations of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries in Vigo, Spain.

All submisions as well as a summary of all comments are available for download:

 Download the updated Global Benchmark Tool (draft April 2015)


2014 Public Consultation - Comments

The initial draft of the GSSI Global Benchmark Tool was approved for release for public consultation by the GSSI Steering Board in June 2014.  Stakeholders were able to provide comments online and through a series of expert workshops and webinars. The public consultation period closed in August 2014. 

The GSSI Steering Board is encouraged by the active participation in the public consultation period and greatly appreciates all of the stakeholders who took the time to provide in-depth feedback and comments on the initial draft of the tool.  

“We would like to offer a sincere thank you to everyone who submitted comments and participated in our webinars and workshops. This initial working draft was created by a diverse range of stakeholders who were still working to find common ground on some issues. We are very encouraged by the active participation in the public consultation period which should move us closer to resolving some of these differences.” 
Bill DiMento, Chair of the GSSI Executive Committee.

As a first result of an internal review and the comments received during the consultation period, GSSI has decided to update the work plan for the development of its Global Benchmark Tool. The Expert Working Groups will use the comments to revise the tool which will be submitted to the Steering Board for approval this fall. The revised tool will be used for pilot testing and will be released for a second public consultation period early next year.  The revised draft will include a report that details how comments received during the first public consultation phase were addressed on an issue-by-issue basis.  


Read comments submitted during the first Public Consultation June - August 2014 and GSSI's responses

All comments that were received by GSSI are publicly accessible on this website and can be downloaded. The excel file below contains all comments on specific requirements of the Benchmar Framework as well as GSSI's responses. Please note that you will have to click on "Enable Editing" for the file to be displayed properly.

Comments Benchmark Framework2(Click graphic to download "Specific Comments")