How GSSI Works

Since the start of GSSI in 2013, partners have committed time, expertise and energy to coming up with a collective approach to provide clarity on seafood certification and ensure consumers can be confident in the certified seafood on offer. GSSI partners have been working to drive forward strategy at high-level Steering Board Meetings, drilled down on priority sector issues through the Expert Working Groups, reached out to seafood sector stakeholders at public updates, brought on board leading experts and collaborated closely with FAO, holding:

  • 8 Steering Board Meetings to guide GSSI strategy
  • 3 Expert Working Group Meetings on Aquaculture, Fisheries and Process
  • 25+ Updates for Stakeholders at Trade Shows, Conferences and Events worldwide
  • 2 Public Consultation Periods of 60 days
  • 4 Expert Consultation Workshops in Australia, Canada, Germany and Italy
  • Side-Event at the 31st Session of the FAO Committee on Fisheries
  • 3 Regional Workshops on certification and benchmarking in cooperation with FAO in Chile, South Africa and Thailand
  • Pilot Testing Program with 8 seafood certification schemes from Europe, North-America and South-East Asia

As a global public-private partnership and platform, partners from across the seafood industry, NGOs, experts, governmental and intergovernmental organizations have the opportunity to work on a leading knowledge-exchange initiative and to collaborate on topics that are shaping the seafood sector’s future.

How GSSI works





















The GSSI governance, rules, and procedures can be found in the GSSI Charter.