About the tool V2.0

At the Global Benchmark Tool launch in October 2015, it was agreed that the Tool would be reviewed every three years. Planning for the review began in October 2018, with the process kick-started in January 2019. The launch of version 2.0 is set for October 2021!

The review process will update and simplify the Global Benchmark Tool while maintaining the benchmark rigor and the Tool’s alignment with the FAO guidelines. The review will be focused on the following three areas:


Improvement of benchmark component language

Reduction of the number of components to reduce complexity while maintaining the benchmark standard

Inclusion of new FAO guidelines as supplementary components

Expert Working Groups

The Steering Board has installed three different Expert Working Groups (EWG) to develop version 2.0 of the Global Benchmark Framework: Governance & Scheme Management EWG, Aquaculture EWG and Fisheries EWG.

To learn more about the Global Benchmark Tool V2.0 contact Eva van Heukelom.



Timeline for the Revision

January 2019

Schemes, Independent Experts and Benchmark Committee Members provide feedback on v1.0 of the Tool and the Tool Process.

May 2019

Expert Working Group ‘kick-off’ session in Amsterdam.

May 2019

30-day public consultation on v1.0 of the Tool.

September 2019

Virtual Expert Working Group meetings to review the first draft of the Global Benchmark Framework v2.0.

February 2020

Expert Working Groups finalize first draft of the Global Benchmark Framework v2.0 for Public Consultation.

March 2020

GSSI Steering Board approves first draft of the Global Benchmark Framework v2.0 for Public Consultation.

April 2020-May 2020

60-day public consultation.

June 2020

Integration of Public Consultation comments in Global Benchmark Framework v2.0 by Expert Working Groups.

September 2020

Expert Working Group meetings to finalise Global Benchmark Framework v2.0.

September 2021

GSSI Steering Board approves Global Benchmark Tool v2.0 for launch.

October 2021

Launch of the GSSI Global Benchmark Tool v2.0.