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Join us in a moment of reflection as we celebrate 10 years of GSSI through the highlights and achievements of the past year. Hear from GSSI’s Co-Chairs, Interim Director, and a selection of our dedicated Partners. Dive into the latest advancements in GSSI’s Sustainability Solutions and see how our collaborative efforts work to drive forward the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A Message from the Interim Director

After listening to seafood leaders from around the world this year, it became evident that GSSI’s purpose is more relevant than ever. There are several ways to describe our mission in promoting responsibly produced seafood. One of which is: to ensure a sustainable, healthy supply of wild and aquacultured seafood for future generations by driving improvement, problem-solving, risk mitigation, and collaboration in environmental stewardship and social justice.

The Global Partnership

GSSI is made up of a global multi-stakeholder partnership, comprised of thought leaders from the seafood sector working to identify challenges, influence direction, and lend their voice toward making a positive difference.

Hear from some of our Partners in this year’s Report.

The Global Benchmark Tool

The Tool aims to minimize the overall environmental impact of how we produce and catch seafood to meet the growing global demand.

Read about the Recognition Process in this year’s Report.

The GSSI-SSCI Collaboration

The GSSI and The Consumer Goods Forum’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) collaboration led to the co-development of two scopes within the SSCI Social Benchmark Tool covering at-sea operations and primary production (aquaculture).

Learn about how the SSCI works to create a responsible seafood sector in this year’s Report.

Seafood MAP

Following a busy year of sector-wide collaboration and platform design and development, GSSI proudly presented the first version of the Seafood MAP website in 2023.

Discover more about the website and how to get your pin on the MAP in this year’s Report.

GSSI and the UN SDGs

GSSI works to ensure all organizational efforts are closely aligned with The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations efforts to promote the achievement of the SDGs, and to address the challenges facing the world’s ocean resources and the communities that depend on them. 

Read about GSSI’s credible collaboration with the FAO in this year’s Report.