About the

Review Panel

The Primary Production Scope draft criteria were developed by the SSCI Technical Working Group (TWG) for Primary Production.

The TWG’s purpose is to draft criteria that cover social and scheme management requirements specifically for third-party social compliance programmes evaluating land-based agricultural and aquaculture activities.

The TWG is comprised of Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) members.

An Aquaculture Review Panel (ARP) was also set up for adequate consideration of the special characteristics of land-based seafood production. The members of this panel are focused on aquaculture and are involved at the end of each review round. Their recommendations are integrated into the criteria by the TWG – some criteria would therefore specify differences in applicability for aquaculture and agricultural farming.

ARP members are all representatives from GSSI partners.

Aquaculture Review Panel members
  • Prad Kerdpairoj (Thai Union)
  • Roberto Romero Perez (Nueva Pescanova)
  • Ally Dingwall (Sainsbury)
  • Justin Baugh (FishinCo)
  • Patrick Blow (Marks & Spencer)