Benefits of The Tool

The Global Benchmark Tool provides confidence in certified seafood and promotes improvement in seafood certification schemes by recognizing robust and credible certification schemes.



The Global Benchmark Tool is valued across the entire seafood sector for the following benefits.



The Global Benchmark Tool provides harvesters and producers the opportunity to choose a certification scheme best suited for them, while still being recognized as robust in the global market. In turn, working with one certification leads to reduced auditing costs and eliminates redundancies.


The Global Benchmark Tool provides processors, wholesalers and distributors with more choice in credible certified seafood. This choice results in greater affordability and flexibility in supply chain, enabling them to diversify their sourcing and thus, improving the supply needed to meet an increasing demand for certified seafood.

Retail / foodservice

The Global Benchmark Tool provides retailers/food service providers with an added level of assurance in their certified seafood sourcing. This assurance creates more choice in the market and ensures confidence in the seafood we source. It also enables more informed and simplified decision making, as well as globally consistent and centralized data to guide your purchasing decision.

NGOs / non-profits

For NGOs, non-profit and inter-governmental organizations advocating for healthy oceans and fish resources, GSSI provides a global, multi-stakeholder platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange to address seafood sustainability challenges that have an environmental, economic and social impact. Furthermore, GSSI’s Global Benchmark Tool can be leveraged to help improve existing certification schemes and shape the development of new schemes that meet the FAO guidelines.

Market uptake of the Global Benchmark Tool


GSSI is valued by major retailers and seafood companies worldwide. The below companies and organizations use the Global Benchmark Tool to inform their sourcing policies and accept seafood certified by GSSI-recognized schemes.

GSSI-recognized schemes