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Independent Expert (Consultant)



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GSSI is always looking to recruit qualified Independent Experts to provide objective assessments against the Benchmark Framework. Independent Experts are not GSSI Employees, but independent, external consultants. 

An Independent Expert shall have:

  • Detailed knowledge of audit principles, procedures and techniques in relation to quality management auditing, and related key legislative requirements;
  • Detailed knowledge of general business and organizational processes and operations in relation to size, structure and function and the cross-functional relationships inherent to quality management.

 An Independent Expert shall attend a GSSI Training in order to have:

  • Detailed knowledge of the GSSI’s vision, mission and objectives;
  • Detailed knowledge of the GSSI Global Benchmark Tool;
  • Detailed knowledge of the GSSI Benchmark Process;
  • Detailed knowledge of quality management systems, applicable procedures and other management systems;
  • Detailed knowledge of accreditation and certification processes and procedures.


    • Strong organizational, planning and time management skills;
    • Outstanding objective, evidence-based decision-making skills;
    • Outstanding communications skills, both written and verbal;
    • Strong relationship management skills and the ability to facilitate multi-stakeholder meetings (both in-person and via conference call);
    • Ability to communicate confidently and with authority to secure agreement with Scheme Owner management;
    • The ability to step into a leadership role to manage and control discussions and situations;
    • Strong conflict prevention and resolution skills;
    • The ability to understand and interpret complex system development and operation, as well as legislative requirements;
    • The ability to produce clear and accurate reports of assessment findings and clearly articulate these in relation to GSSI Global Benchmark Tool requirements;
    • The ability to provide direction and guidance to the Benchmark Committee Members in order to reach conclusions in a timely manner.

      Personal Attributes

      • Demonstrates a high level of personal integrity;
      • Diplomatic, measured and willing to consider alternative ideas or points of view;
      • Empathetic, respectful of others and able to engender trust;
      • Highly confident, professional and not afraid of conflict.

        An Independent Expert shall have attained, as a minimum, a university degree in a scientific discipline and have a minimum of 10 years full-time experience in quality management in aquaculture, fisheries or a related marine science. They will have specialized in areas such as quality assurance, quality management, production and manufacturing, retailing, inspection, auditing or enforcement.

        If this opportunity sounds appealing to you, please apply by sending your cover letter and CV to, addressing Herman Wisse, Managing Director. All applications will be treated with the highest level of discretion and will be accepted until May 3rd, 2019.

        Prior to entry into the Register of Independent Experts, an Independent Expert shall sign a Statement of Confidentiality and a Declaration of Interest and provide these to the GSSI Steering Board. In the event that personal circumstances mean that these statements are compromised, the Independent Expert will inform the GSSI Secretariat, who will, in turn, take appropriate steps to ensure that the integrity of GSSI is not compromised.

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        Open application

        If there is not currently a job opening that suits you, we always welcome open applications. Please send your CV and letter of motivation addressed to Herman Wisse, Managing Director to