GSSI Spotlight Series

Shining a light on the change-makers of the seafood industry

Episode Seven:

Building Trust in Social Compliance: SSCI’s Social Benchmark Tool with Luiza Reguse

Episode Six:

Exploring Seafood Certification, Benchmarking, and Beyond
with Dan Lee

Episode Five:

Biodegradable Drifting FADs – A Tale of Sustainability in the Tuna Industry with Marko Kamber

Episode Four:

Blue Transformation – FAO’s vision for aquatic food systems with Dr. Audun Lem

Episode Three:

De-risking Aquaculture through Jurisdictional Sustainability Programs with Jason Carter

Episode Two:

Brim’s Sustainable Financing for Seafood with Brim’s Friðrik Friðriksson

Episode One:

The Journey to Responsible Sourcing with FIA PNG’s Marcelo Hidalgo