Public consultation

to review
the second d
raft At-Sea Operations Framework

From January 13, 2021 to February 12, 2021, The Consumer Goods Forum’s (CGF) Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) and GSSI held a second public consultation to provide stakeholder the opportunity to review the changes made to the draft SSCI At-Sea Operations (ASO) Framework.

After the first round of stakeholder consultations, between July and September 2020, 25 formal comments were received and additional input was provided during multi-stakeholder consultations. Between October and December 2020, the At-Sea Operations Technical Working Group (ASO TWG) has reviewed and integrated this input. Their integrations were presented during this second Public Consultation.

The 30-day Public Consultation was part of the extensive drafting procedure for the ASO Scope, which is led by the ASO TWG and overseen by the board of GSSI and CGF. During this second consultation, the changes from the first Public Consultation were presented for stakeholders’ review.


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Revision Process

Global Benchmark Tool is made up of 3 parts: a Benchmark Process, the steps a scheme goes through to be recognized by GSSI and a Benchmark Framework showing GSSI essential Components and Supplementary Components. And as a result – a statement of GSSI recognition and a Benchmark Report.

GSSI-SSCI Collaboration

In 2018, GSSI set up landmark collaboration with the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) to jointly address these concerns in the seafood sector. SSCI promotes good social and environmental practices in global supply chains by benchmarking third-party auditing and certification schemes and recognizing robust schemes. Building on the success of the Global Benchmark Tool, the joint benchmark tool will allow the seafood industry to have access to a list of recognized social compliance schemes that operate in the seafood sector.

ASO Technical Working Group
The At-Sea Operation (ASO) Technical Working Group (TWG) was recruited in December 2019.

Learn more about the members of the ASO Technical Working Group.