Collaboration  with SSCI


Collaborating to

provide trust

by offering clear guidance on third-party social compliance programmes that are responsible, trustworthy and meet industry expectations for sustainability.

What it is

GSSI and the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) of The Consumer Goods Forum initiated a collaborative partnership in 2018. The partnership brings together GSSI’s expertise and success in working with seafood certification schemes and SSCI’s extensive social compliance background. This collaboration led to the co-development of two scopes within the SSCI Social Benchmark Tool, covering at-sea operations and primary production (aquaculture).

Why it’s needed

Seafood is one of the most traded foods in the world, with the sector employing an estimated 260 million people worldwide. Social responsibility and safeguarding workers’ rights is a crucial priority for the seafood industry, particularly in developing countries. To efficiently address social compliance issues in the seafood sector, there is a pressing need for credible, independent, and harmonized guidance for social auditing criteria. 


Collaboration journey


The Beginning

GSSI announces collaboration with CGF’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI).

GSSI takes part in a panel at the CGF Sustainable Retail Summit where the pre-launch of SSCI’s seafood specific social compliance benchmark was announced.


Technical Working Groups

The development of both the At-Sea Operations Scope (Capture Fisheries) and of Primary Production (Aquaculture) start. Both scopes are developed by a Technical Working Group (TWG). The TWG’s consist of GSSI Partners and CGF Members. They develop the criteria for the scopes. This includes both scheme management and social compliance criteria.



Incorporating Feedback

A Scheme Owner Consultation is held to gather and incorporate key insights from Scheme Owners on the draft social benchmark criteria.

SSCI and GSSI hold a 60-day public consultation to review the draft of the At-Sea Operations Framework and Primary Production criteria.

The TWGs review and integrate the input from the consultations.


The Launch

The At-Sea Operations Scope and Primary Production Scope are integrated into the SSCI Social Benchmark Tool.

Schemes are now applying and going through the SSCI benchmarking process.

How it works

The SSCI Social Benchmark Tool 3 part process:



Programs apply to to undergo the benchmarking process according to the SSCI methodology



Programs are assessed through the 5-step benchmarking process based on the voluntary jointly developed SSCI-GSSI criteria



If all criteria are met, programs are recognized by SSCI 

Our impact

Building on the success of the GSSI Global Benchmark Tool, the SSCI Social Benchmark Tool provides the seafood industry with access to a list of credible and robust auditing and certification programs. This in turn improves transparency, promotes fair social practices, and helps address social compliance issues in seafood supply chains across the globe. With SSCI recognition, programs can show the world their commitment to social compliance and alignment with the industry’s expectations.