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GSSI welcomes any company or organization active within the seafood sector to join the Global Partnership (excluded from this are certification schemes, standards and ratings bodies). To learn more about becoming a GSSI Partner, please contact our Partnership Manager, Basile ( 

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Here’s why you should become a GSSI Partner 


We chose to partner with GSSI because GSSI has various different programmes such as the Global Benchmark Tool, Seafood MAP, and the SSCI collaboration – making it more holistic in its approach and its ability to provide guidance for the sustainability work we are doing at Iberostar.


Adriana Sanchez, Responsible Seafood Strategy Director for Iberostar Hotels’ Wave of Change

  • Be a leader on a global scale
    • Join a global partnership that spans 26 countries and 6 continents. Build connections, set agendas, and exchange ideas with leading actors across the seafood value chain, NGOs, research institutions, and international organizations 
    • Be eligible for nomination to GSSI’s Governance bodies 
  • Shape global seafood sustainability solutions  
    • GSSI’s sustainability solutions are developed and monitored by our Partners through Taskforces, Working Groups, and Integrity Committees 
    • Our solutions are utilized by various actors in the sector, within and beyond the Partnership 
  • Strengthen your sustainability policies
    • We are here to support you with the inclusion and implementation of sustainability solutions in your sourcing policies, reports, and plans as well as the education of your staff, suppliers, and buyers   
    • Receive regular updates on the solutions you have included in your policies, to ensure your team is always up to date on the latest information 
  • Showcase your best practices 
    • Represent GSSI at local and international panels, events, and interviews  
    • Utilize GSSI communications toshowcase your sustainability commitments - your voice is our voice 




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