What You Can Do

You can actively participate in numerous aspects of our work, including conducting and guiding the benchmark process, providing comments during our public consultations, taking part in the development of new initiatives including the review of our Global Benchmark Tool and providing input into the strategic direction of GSSI.

Join our Global Partnership

Become a GSSI partner and join over 90 industry stakeholders working towards more sustainable seafood for everyone. GSSI welcomes any company or organization (legal entity) active within the seafood sector. Learn more

Participate in our Public Consultations

The Global Benchmark Tool Process is designed to be transparent and a true multi-stakeholder process. Therefore, for every scheme that enters the Benchmark Process and reaches step 5 of the process, GSSI holds a 30-day public consultation. GSSI welcomes comments from all industry stakeholders. Learn more

Join an Expert Working Group

For the development of GSSI’s tools, we convene multi-stakeholder Expert Working Groups to inform and shape the products. Recently, GSSI ran 3 Expert Working Groups (process, fisheries and aquaculture) for the development of The Global Benchmark Tool 2.0 and Technical Working Groups together with SSCI for the development of the seafood-specific social compliance benchmark. Please note that individuals need to be employed by a GSSI Partner organization to join a working group. Learn more

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