2019 was a year of great progress

for GSSI and represents the next step in GSSI’s journey towards more sustainable seafood for everyone. Building on the success of our Global Benchmark Tool, our Partners now have the ability to drive forward broader seafood sustainability challenges, including social responsibility and seafood sustainable development pathways for emerging markets and small-scale fisheries and aquaculture.

The GSSI Global Partnership

In a very fragmented sector, the GSSI Global Partnership is a unique precompetitive platform to align global efforts and resources to address seafood sustainability challenges, to share knowledge around seafood certification and to work towards more sustainable seafood for everyone. 

new Partners

The GSSI Global Benchmark Tool

The GSSI Global Benchmark Tool is widely recognized as the norm for seafood certifications and plays a leading role in creating global alignment in seafood certification. 

GSSI recognized certification schemes

GSSI-SSCI collaboration

By joining forces, GSSI and the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) will have a greater impact within the industry and help drive market alignment on sustainable seafood production and sourcing worldwide.

Seafood MAP

Seafood MAP – Measuring and Accelerating Performance of global seafood supply – is a new market and investment-based program by GSSI and IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative. 

experts were in Rome to design the future Seafood MAP project


Since GSSI was established in 2013, GSSI and FAO have developed a unique relationship. FAO is one of the founding partners of GSSI, and the FAO Guidelines and International Instruments are at the heart of GSSI’s work.