2020 was a year like no other

Despite the unprecedented challenges, it was a year of strength, development and collaboration for GSSI. While our Global Benchmark Tool continues to deliver new levels of confidence in certified seafood, the launch of our Seafood MAP program and continued work on social responsibility takes us another important step closer to ensuring a resilient seafood supply for future generations all over the world.

The GSSI Global Partnership

GSSI’s Partnership of collaborative organizations and companies are dedicated to leading the seafood sector in striving for clarity, confidence and choice in seafood sustainability. Today, spanning five continents, the Partnership is made up of influential leaders that play an imperative role in guiding GSSI’s work and priorities.


The GSSI Global Benchmark Tool

The Global Benchmark Tool provides confidence in certified seafood and promotes improvement in seafood certification schemes by recognizing robust and credible certification schemes.

Recognized Certification Schemes

Seafood MAP

Seafood MAP is a globally inclusive digital platform, based on a common language anchored in FAO Guidelines, that compiles and accelerates fisheries and aquaculture efforts on the pathway to sustainability.

people attended the public Seafood MAP launch

GSSI-SSCI collaboration

Improved transparency on social compliance in seafood supply chains lies at the core of improving the sustainability of seafood production globally. That is why GSSI has collaborated with The Consumer Goods Forum Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) to develop seafood-specific criteria for the SSCI social compliance benchmark.

Technical Working Group meetings were held to develop and deliberate the social benchmark criteria


In order to operationalize and champion internationally agreed guidelines and instruments in the seafood sector, GSSI has worked in close partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) since the founding of GSSI in 2013.