2021 was a transformational year

Take a moment to reflect with us on the highlights and achievements from the last year in our Annual Report. Hear from some of GSSI’s dedicated Partners and Steering Board Members, read about the recent developments of GSSI’s Sustainability Solutions, and see how we are collaboratively working to accelerate the implementation of the UN SDGs.

The GSSI Global Partnership

GSSI is a public-private partnership working together on a common purpose: turn seafood into a driver for good to preserve oceans for future generations and drive forward more sustainable seafood. Spanning five continents, the Partnership is made up of influential leaders that play an imperative role in helping develop solutions that will provide clarity and tackle sustainability challenges.


The GSSI Global Benchmark Tool

Certification is a well-recognized solution in the seafood sector that helps ensure the maintenance of healthy fish populations, minimal impact on the marine environment, and responsible management practices. The Global Benchmark Tool provides confidence in certified seafood and promotes improvement in seafood certification schemes by recognizing only robust and credible certification schemes.

Recognized Certification Schemes

GSSI-SSCI collaboration

Seafood is one of the most traded foods in the world, with the sector employing an estimated 260 million people worldwide. Social responsibility and safeguarding workers’ rights is essential for the seafood industry. For this reason, GSSI continues to collaborate with the Consumer Goods Forum Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) to ensure the rigor of the seafood-specific criteria for the SSCI Social Benchmark Tool. 

Stakeholders participated in GSSI-SSCI Stakeholder Meetings

Seafood MAP

Providing pathways for continuous improvement has never been more critical than it is today. Seafood MAP is a digital platform that maps fisheries and aquaculture sustainability efforts through a powerful combination of storytelling and measuring impact against the UN SDGs. Seafood MAP provides new ways for producers globally to learn, connect to markets, find technology solutions, and understand investment opportunities.

Pilot projects initiated by the Seafood MAP Taskforce

GSSI and the UN SDGs

The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a blueprint for progress and a clear call to action for businesses and organizations. GSSI is committed to supporting its Partners in accelerating the implementation of the UN SDGs so that we can all contribute to healthier oceans and a lasting seafood supply for years to come.