GSSI-SSCI Collaboration

In 2018, GSSI set up landmark collaboration with the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) to jointly address these concerns in the seafood sector. SSCI promotes good social and environmental practices in global supply chains by benchmarking third-party auditing and certification schemes and recognizing robust schemes. Building on the success of the Global Benchmark Tool, the joint benchmark tool allows the seafood industry to have access to a list of recognized social compliance schemes that operate in the seafood sector.


The seafood-specific social benchmark tool takes into account the specificities of the seafood sector and the special nature of work in food harvesting. The criteria are underpinned by ILO Conventions and Recommendations, the UN Guiding Principles, and aligned with the Consumer Good Forum’s Priority Industry Principles on Forced Labor.

Greater impact

The GSSI and SSCI benchmark tools have the same value proposition: providing the industry with access to a list of credible and robust auditing and certification programmes. By joining forces, GSSI and the CGF aim to have a greater impact within the industry and to align environmental, social and food safety benchmarks for independent third-party schemes. This, in turn, is going to help drive market alignment on sustainable seafood production and sourcing worldwide.