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GSSI’s Global Benchmark Tool provides formal recognition of seafood certification schemes that successfully complete a rigorous and transparent benchmark process, underpinned by the FAO Guidelines. The Tool aims to minimize the overall environmental impact of how we produce, catch and supply seafood to meet a growing global demand.

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Clarity, credibility and choice through a formal recognition process


We encourage all stakeholders to actively participate in our Global Benchmark Tool Process, including conducting and guiding the benchmark process, providing comments during our public consultations, and taking part in the development of new initiatives including the review of the Tool.

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Participate in our Public Consultations

The Global Benchmark Tool Process is designed to be transparent and a true multi-stakeholder process. Therefore, for every scheme that enters the Benchmark Process and reaches step 5 of the process, GSSI holds a 30-day public consultation. GSSI welcomes comments from all industry stakeholders. Learn more

Learn more about the Benchmark Process

The Tool’s 7-step Benchmark Process is voluntary and designed to be independent, impartial and transparent. The expert-led process involves objective assessments made against performance areas covering scheme governance, operational management (including chain of custody) and standards for aquaculture and fisheries certification.
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GSSI Global Benchmark Tool User Manual (Version 1, October 2015)

Learn more about the Benchmark Framework

The Benchmark Framework includes 186 Essential Components based on the CCRF and the FAO Guidelines for Ecolabelling and technical guidelines for Aquaculture certification which schemes must meet to be recognized by GSSI. The Framework also includes 137 Supplementary Components, which allows schemes to show their diverse approach and helps stakeholders understand where differences between schemes exist. The Supplementary Components are grounded in the CCRF and related FAO documents, ISO normative standards and ISEAL codes.

GSSI Global Benchmark Tool (Version 1, October 2015)

Benchmark results

Once a scheme completes the Benchmark Process and is found to be in alignment with the 186 Essential Components, it is publicly recognized by GSSI and the Benchmark Report is made available on the GSSI website.

Become a Benchmark Committee Member

To ensure the Benchmark Process remains independent and impartial, GSSI works with a global network of Benchmark Committee Members to provide feedback on the process for each seafood certification scheme. To learn more and apply to be a Benchmark Committee Member, please contact the GSSI Secretariat secretariat@ourgssi.org.
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Join an Expert Working Group

For the development of GSSI’s tools, we convene multi-stakeholder Expert Working Groups to inform and shape the products. Currently, GSSI is running 3 Expert Working Groups for the development of The Global Benchmark Tool 2.0