About the

ASO Technical Working Group

The At-Sea Operation (ASO) Technical Working Group (TWG) was recruited in December 2019.

TWG members are operational experts drawn from the Consumer Good Forum’s Members, GSSI Partners and external experts from public, private and NGO organizations.

The TWG’s purpose is to develop the content for the benchmarking and recognition of schemes relating to at-sea operations for seafood supply. This includes both scheme management and social compliance criteria.

More information about the experts
  • Experts are individuals who represent their organization with specific expertise in the subject.
  • TWG members shall serve for a period determined by the GSSI-SSCI Joint Development Panel, according to the workplan.
  • Once the TWG members have been appointed resulting in a representative group, the membership will be closed until the mandate is complete.
  • If an TWG member leaves their organization, he/ she can no longer represent the organization on the TWG. The organization can propose a replacement to the lead consultant, who will ask for approval by the GSSI-SSCI Joint Development Panel.
  • The GSSI-SSCI Joint Development Panel has the discretion to remove and/or replace a TWG member at any time, if it is deemed necessary.

At-Sea Operation


Lead consultant

Jodie Kuntzsch, independent consultant

Technical Working Group Members
  • Alex Eyfjord Fridriksson, BRIM 
  • Elena Finkbeiner, Conservation International 
  • Steve Fisher, Sea Delight 
  • Ernesto Godelman, CeDePesca 
  • Anne van der Hoeven, Arctic Storm 
  • Yumie Kawashima, AEON  
  • Prad Kerdpairoj, Thai Union
  • Audun Lem, FAO 
  • Stefanie Moreland, Trident Seafood 
  • Ashton Meier, Pac Seafood 
  • Sevaly Sen,  Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
  • Mariana Toussaint, FAO
  • Niklas Wehner, Aldi South