Public consultation

to review the Global Benchmark Framework v2.0

6 April – 5 June 2020

On 6 April 2020, GSSI opened a 60-day public consultation to review the draft of Benchmark Framework v2.0 and support the development of version 2.0 of its Global Benchmark Tool. As part of our commitment to transparency and open stakeholder engagement throughout the process, we invite all our stakeholders to participate in this public consultation.

Download the summary of proposed changes to the Benchmark Framework and the Public Comment Forms below:

Scheme Governance and Operations




  • Download the Public Comment Form(s) and submit your comments in the last column on each tab.
  • Return the Public Comment Form(s) and any additional comments to by 5 June 2020.

We look forward to receiving your input!

Learn more about:

Revision Process

Global Benchmark Tool is made up of 3 parts: a Benchmark Process, the steps a scheme goes through to be recognized by GSSI and a Benchmark Framework showing GSSI essential Components and Supplementary Components. And as a result – a statement of GSSI recognition and a Benchmark Report.

GSSI Global Benchmark Tool v2.0

At the Global Benchmark Tool launch in October 2015, it was agreed that the Tool would be reviewed every three years. Planning for the review began in October 2018 and the process was kick-started early 2019.

The review process will update and simplify the Global Benchmarking Tool while maintaining the robust benchmark standard and the Tool’s alignment with the FAO guidelines. The review will be focused on the following three areas:

  • Improvement of benchmark component language
  • Reduction of the number of components to reduce complexity
  • Inclusion of new FAO guidelines as supplementary components

For more information on the timeline of the revision go to about the Tool v2.0.

GSSI Expert Working Groups

For the development of GSSI’s tools, we convene multi-stakeholder Expert Working Groups to inform, and shape the products. Currently GSSI is running 3 Expert Working Groups (process, fisheries and aquaculture) for the development of The Global Benchmark Tool 2.0. Please note that individuals need to be employed by a GSSI Partner organization to join a working group.

Learn more about the members of the GSSI Expert Working Groups.

GSSI Global Benchmark Tool

GSSI’s Global Benchmark Tool is made up of 3 parts:

  • Benchmark Process: steps a scheme goes through to be recognized by GSSI
  • Benchmark Framework: information on GSSI Essential Components, grounded in the CCRF and FAO Guidelines, which a scheme needs to meet to be recognized by GSSI and information on GSSI Supplementary Components, which show a scheme’s diverse approach
  • Benchmark Result: the statement of GSSI Recognition and Benchmark Report

Find out which certification schemes have achieved GSSI recognition.

GSSI Benchmark Framework

The GSSI Benchmark Framework includes GSSI Essential Components which a seafood certification scheme must meet for recognition, and GSSI Supplementary Components,

which allow schemes to show their diverse approach and help stakeholders understand where differences exist.

GSSI Essential Components

The GSSI Essential Components are grounded in the CCRF and FAO Guidelines. These are the full range of criteria, which a scheme needs to meet to be recognized by GSSI.

GSSI Supplementary Components

The GSSI Supplementary Components are defined by the GSSI Expert Working Groups and grounded in the CCRF and related FAO documents, ISO normative standards and ISEAL codes. Their purpose is to outline the status of existing practices in seafood certification and they can be built on going forward. A rationale for each GSSI Supplementary Component explains its value to both schemes and stakeholders. The Benchmark Process will verify

if a seafood certification scheme meets GSSI Supplementary Components. Meeting GSSI Supplementary Components is not required for GSSI Recognition.

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