Welcome to the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative

As seafood production increases to meet rising global demand, so have concerns of members of the seafood supply chain, consumers and environmental NGOs over the impact that production is having on the environment. One way of providing assurances of more sustainable practices in both aquaculture production and wild capture fisheries is the use of seafood certification schemes. But the increase of schemes has led to confusion among producers, retailers and consumers over how to recognize a credible seafood certification scheme. This confusion is making decision-making more difficult, and seafood more costly, for everyone.

The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) is a unique solution to this problem. For the first-time members of the seafood supply chain, NGOs, governmental and intergovernmental organizations and a number of independent experts have come up with a collective, non-competitive approach to provide clarity on seafood certification and ensure consumer confidence in certified seafood.

Through its Global Benchmark Tool GSSI works towards its collective objective to minimize the overall environmental impact of how we catch, grow and deliver seafood to meet a growing global demand.

On this website you will find detailed explanations on the GSSI's mission and objectives, its governance structure, current activities and up to date information on the Global Benchmark Tool.

For further information, please contact the Secretariat.